08.04.2019 - Garmin GPS Rollover Problem requires an update
for old Garmin GPS Receiver (related to MiniLog2 and MiniTrans)

Due to the GPS rollover problem starting 07th of April 2019, old Garmin GPS receivers used by MiniLog2 and MiniTrans might need an update.
Without an update, both MiniLog2 and MiniTrans will show wrong dates and are not working with proper daylight saving time.
Switching without night saving will still work flawless.

The GPS rollover problem is related to all Garmin GPS receiver with firmware <= V3.80.
The rear side of the receiver proofs the firmware version.
Unfortunately, the firmware update cannot be done by the customer itself, but instead has to been done in our work shop.

GPS-Syntakt, MoData2 and MiniTransPlus are not affected by the GPS rollover problem.

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