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Prospect MiniLog2
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Manual MiniCoup

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logplot20_enMiniLog software for viewing sampling data during the sampling process
English Version

Build 012
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logplot20_frMiniLog software for viewing sampling data during the sampling process
French Version

Build 012
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usb_ml2USB Driver MiniLog2
Version 6.6

32 / 64 bit Driver
for Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8
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usb_ml2_winXUSB Driver MiniLog2
Version 6.7

32 / 64 bit Driver
for Windows 10
20.06.20183.795 MB
wl20_enWinLog 2.0 Demo, 60 days trial
Full version only with licence key

Evaluation of MiniLog2 and
MiniLog 128/512 Recordings

History Build103 + V1.033
History for WinLog 2.0 and MiniLog2 Firmware

Build 102 (October 2022)

- Optimized export to csv files
- Export of data loggings to mdt format (Winchart)
- Save raw data from MiniLog2 storage


Build 101 (September 2022)

Special version(not released)


Build 100 (September 2022)

Special version(not released)


Build 099 (August 2022)

- Solved
* Error from build 097, reading of data loggings stops after 3 minutes measureing time


Build 098 (August 2022)

Special version(not released)


Build 097 (August 2022)

*** New firmware V1.037 for MiniLog2
- Corrected from V1.035: Data logging didn't start for several sampling rates
- Corrected from V1.033: Rounding errors with 1ms data logging and ML2 with serial < 2400
- During 1ms data logging the channel 1 value is presented in the display
- Automatic calibration of the internal real time quarz when the ML2 is left in standby for 24h,
with GPS antenna connected and sufficient GPS signal reception
- Lower power consumption when data logging in "MIC" range for sampling times >= 5s
- "SYNC ???" warning in the display, if DCVG/CIPS is started without a new GPS synchronisation
in the last 24h

- Solved:
* Format of date/time in Excel adjusted, for CIPS/DCVG export to Excel


Build 096 (July 2022)

- Solved:
* Google Maps creation for DCVG/CIPS was faulty


Build 095 (not released)

*** New firmware V1.035 for MiniLog2
- Intermediate version, was not officially released


Build 094 (April 2022)

- 1ms datalogging with dashed lines representing values with overflow in the graphic and 'over' in the table
- History file accessible in WinLog 2.0
- Last synchronisation of MiniLog2 shown in 'Identification'

- Solved:
* Format of Date/Time in Excel
* Building *.csv/*.xlsx files of DCVG/CIPS on French Windows
* GPS coordinate processing optimized
* Format of values in statistics adjusted for high factors


Build 093 (December 2021)

- Solved:
* Errors when exporting data loggings to Excel
* Problems with GPS coordinates when reading DCVG/CIPS


Build 092 (June 2021)

*** New firmware V1.033 for MiniLog2

- Rare error when saving DCVG/CIPS values, by using the OK key
- 1ms loggings show partly wrong values for MiniLog2 with serial < 2400
- Storing GPS coordinates during 100ms loggings for every 2min until the end of logging
- Storing GPS coordinates for all loggings after pressing a key
and falling back on 2min rhythm, same like after a logging start

- Keyboard shortcuts to further improve the MiniLog2 work flow
Ctrl+I Identification, Ctrl+L Logging, Ctrl+D DCVG/CIPS, Ctrl+E Excel Export
- Excel Export for data loggings improved
- Dashed lines represents values with overflow in the graphic
- General improvements for the graphic presentation
- Helpful presentation of how to start a programmed logging in the programming dialog
- The 'About WinLog 2.0' menu presents the sub number of the build version
- Last used file directory is saved when leaving
- Rounding of values and overflow warnings are improved

- Solved:
* Missing values for the start and end of measuring gaps
in MiniTransPlus loggings, when "Draw through gaps" is active
* A missing GPS coordinate in the first line of a DCVG/CIPS measurement
leads to ignoring all following GPS coordinates
* Crashing after constant/factors have been deleted
* Some user settings were not saved on leaving
* One line missing in DCVG/CIPS Excel export


Build 090 (July 2020)

*** New firmware V1.030 for MiniLog2

- For Coupon measurement with 1ms delay there's no 20ms median building anymore
- POT/DIFF presentation for DCVG/CIPS choosable
for the simultaneous presentation of potential ON/OFF and gradient difference
- Support of the MiniCoup1K

- Excel and CSV export of data loggings contains the QM data in the first row
- For MiniTransPlus data loggings, the printing of comments is automatically disabled (can be activated)
- For MiniTransPlus data loggings, missing data is automatically traced (can be disabled)
- Customizations for data loggings with MiniCoup1K added
- Default storage path for files set to the user's documents folder
- Custom print format "Waikura" added (for customers in Australia and New Zealand)

- Solved:
* Measured values out of range are no longer drawn
* For erased files, the GPS coordinates are also erased
* Loss of axis settings when exiting the print menu
* Recalculation for Goolge Maps coordinates (DCVG-/CIPS)
* Format for non measured data of MiniTransPlus is like measured data
* Option 'Apply settings from graphics' applies comments setting
* KML and HTML files are created when the IMD/CSV file contains at least 2 coordinates


Build 086 - 089 (not released)

*** New firmware V1.029 for MiniLog2

- Proper handling for time zones west of Europe
- General mistakes for "Over" warnings corrected
- "Over" warning now also for Coupon Idc > 10mA or Iac > 20mA


Build 085 (August 2019)

*** New firmware V1.028 for MiniLog2

- Correct date for data logging and CIPS/DCVG
when working with old Garmin GPS receivers who got the "GPS Rollover problem"
- Lower current consumption when working with GPS during data loggings
After each start of a new data logging with a connected GPS receiver,
independent from the sampling rate, new coordinates are stored every 2 minutes
After the first hour of data logging new coordinates are stored only:
every 5 min for 100ms, 0,5s, 1s und 2s
every 60 min for 5s, 10s und 30s,
every 6 hours for 1min sampling rate
- Extended display time for "Point X" after "OK" button is pressed for CIPS/DCVG


Build 084 (May 2019)

- Solved:
* Wrong GPS coordinates in printout (country-specific setting)
* Wrong date in data loggings and DCVG/CIPS from Garmin GPS rollover problem
reading MiniLog2
* Settings from print dialog not completely taken over
* Wrong colors in statistics/legend of the print dialog
* Too many decimal places for large values [kV/kA]


Build 083 (December 2018)

*** New firmware V1.027 for MiniLog2

- Faultless 1ms logging for MiniLog2 (required only for serials > 2360)
- Decreased current consumption with GPS during alarm waiting time
- 10 MOhm input impedance for CIPS (before 200 KOhm)
- Decreased current consumption for older electronic relay versions

- Extension of the threshold list for DCVG/CIPS up to 1000mV

- Solved:
* Problems with displaying loggings with factors + constants


Build 082 (April 2018)

    - Solved:
      * Reading and display errors of MiniLog 128/512
* Reading and display errors of MiniLog2 1ms data loggings


Build 081 (February 2018)

    - Solved:
      * Reading and display errors of data loggings


Build 080 (December 2017)

- Adaptation to MiniTransPlus data loggings
    - Solved:
      * Display of the measured values with delimeter in Excel
      * Incorrect formatting of statistics in main window
      * Display of the page number for the IntMess Excel export


Build 079 (August 2017)

*** New firmware V1.026 for MiniLog2

- Reduced power consumption with electronic relays

- Change from .NET framework 3.5 to .NET framework 4
- Export of DCVG/CIPS measurement to Excel in IntMess 3.0 look with graphics
- Optional drawing of missing values (only MiniTransPlus) in graphics and printout
- Smaller Google Maps view in printout
- Change the start, end, and duration functions in the printout
- File name suggestion in the 'Save As' dialog

- Solved:
* Incomplete Files of DCVG/CIPS measurement with incorrectly formatted GPS coordinates (Trimble)
* Problems when reading DCVG/CIPS measurements from MiniLog2 with undefined GPS coordinates
* Formatting of values in Excel/CSV
* Undefined behaviour of comments in printout
* Error with the Google Maps handling in printout
* Not executable program when using wrong proxy server settings


Build 078 (January 2017)

*** New firmware V1.025 for MiniLog2

- GPS:
Correct handling of new leap second (introduced January 2017),
to work even without a learning cycle for GPS antenna

- Solved:
* Crash when exporting *.imd files to Google Maps without coordinates
* Missing Google Maps files when reading DCVG/CIPS from MiniLog2


Build 077 (December 2016)

*** New firmware V1.024 for MiniLog2

- Solved
* DCVG: Wrong gradient difference of 0 mV
when OFF cycle is shorter than 1s (Error only in V1.022)
* DCVG: Values frozen in display (Error only in V1.023)

- Detection of language for installed version of MS Excel
- Changed format in Excel and CSV file when exporting data loggings


Build 076 (October 2016)

- Wrong Timestamp from MiniLog2 identification will be ignored and set to 00:00:00

- Solved:
* Error when applying settings from graphics in the print menu
* Internet communication problems (update and Google Maps)


Build 075 (June 2016)

*** New firmware V1.022 for MiniLog2

- GPS:
Correct handling of new leap second (introduced July 2015),
to work even without a learning cycle for GPS antenna

- Solved
* External OK button for DCVG not always functioning
* High AC values (> 40V) measured too inacurrate
* Mechanical relay opened during night saving

- Excel/CSV export reworked

- Adaption to data loggings of MiniTransPlus


Build 074 (January 2016)

- Format of values in Excel export / csv files customized

- Solved:
* Saving colour of channels was incorrect
* Excel warning for long running tasks blocked the export


Build 073 (October 2015)

- Solved:
* Missing representation of seconds in the printout


Build 072 (October 2015)

- Solved:
* Wrong country-specific formatting for Excel Export
* Errors in the presentation of comments in the printout
* Errors in the printout combined with Google Maps
* Incorrect formatting of the unit in the threshold statistics
* Missing takeover of selected 'Off-Mean Value' from the screen to the printout
* Error in setting the unit for 1ms samplings
* Errors in the presentation of the statistics
* Error when exporting a DCVG / CIPS measurement to Excel (IntMess form) without GPS coordinates


Build 071 (April 2015)

- In 1ms data loggings the sampling rate can be reduced to e.g. 100ms afterwards

- Solved:
* Abort during transfer of DCVG / CIPS measurements with more than 1920 points
* Incorrect label oft the left y-axis for print out when activating the right y-axis
* No programming of the start time for a data logging with 1ms sampling rate, when an end time is selected


Build 070 (April 2015)

- Solved:
* Crash when printing data loggings with GPS coordinates
* Missing 4th comment line in print out after applying the setting from graphic
* Error in the detection of '.' and ',' as decimal separator
* Crash when drawing/printing with extreme zoom levels
* Very slow Excel export of data loggings


Build 069 (February 2015)

*** New firmware V1.020 for MiniLog2

- MiniCoup:
Waiting times 1ms and 2ms added (previously 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 ms)
for the measurement start after disconnecting the coupon

- MiniCoup:
When using "Alarm" mode (programmed start of data logging) the MiniCoup relay
stays now closed until the data logging starts so that the coupon receives voltage
from the pipeline.

- MiniCoup:
After each sampling (every second) the switch off time is shifted by 1 ms
to make possible 50/100Hz influence on the OFF potential of the coupon more visible.
After 20s (= 20ms shift) the switch off time is moved back 20ms to the beginning
and the shift starts again.

- Remote control of the MiniLog2 by external contact on the feature connector ("Feat.") for
installation as a GPS switcher on remote control systems
With the feature contact open, the MiniLog2 switches as programmed.
With the feature contact closed, MiniLog2 stops switching.
As accessory, a "Control Cable for the Feature Connector" with two open ends is available

- Solved:
Sometimes no USB data transfer when the battery was not fully charged

- New "average" for 1ms data loggings under the principle of a low-pass filter

- "Print chart from screen" is omitted
and was replaced by possible takeover of parameters directly from the screen graphics in the print menu

- Print settings are saved by selecting "Apply" or "OK" when editing the print menu

- Printer selection will appear in front of each print out
The selection of the printer is now in front of each printout and has not to be set in advance

- Extended dialog under "Extras" -> "Options"

- Conversion of the "Google Maps" exports from *.kml to *.html,
as Google Maps does not accept *.kml files after February 2015

- Solved:
* Crash when manually selecting channel 2, 3 or 4 for 1ms data loggings
* Missing last measured point in *.imd files


Build 068 (October 2014)

- Printout with relative X-axis label selectable
Optionally the X-axis labels start at 00:00 clock
and show only the time difference since the start of recording

- New format of the statistic for the Excel export of data loggings

- Extended programmed recording for Coupon measuring
New delays (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 ms) for the start of the measurement after disconnecting the coupon

- Google Maps for DCVG/CIPS optimized
Upon exceeding the threshhold not only the gradients but also possible measured potentials are displayed

- Solved:
* Missing drawing of the moving average in printout
* Too small units by large factor in screen and print graphics
* Crash when double-clicking on data logging files
* Pasting comments from the clipboard into the table leads to a possible crash when loading the data logging file
* Incorrect centering of the screen graphic after loading a data logging
* Statistics of Excel export calculates the standard deviation only from the screen image, instead from the total logging
* Off mean values for screen printout cannot be deselected
* Crash after changing the factor / offset / unit settings for 1ms registrations
* Date / time in Excel export of IMD files shows 01/01/2001 00:00 clock
* Slow Google Maps upload


Build 067 (May 2014)

- Faster Excel export of data loggings
- Expanded scope of the Y-axis in the graph, new maximum scale ±10kV (resp.kA)
- Units extended to kV and kA in print out
- Google Maps communication possible when the networks uses a proxy server to access the internet
In the menu "Extras" -> "Options" the IP adress and port of the proxy server as well as the
user name and password have to be entered

- Solved:
* Crash when uploading IMD files to Google Maps
* Error in table values for values > 1kV
* Possible wrong coordinates for info pin in Google Maps


Build 066 (March 2014)

- Changed unit format for graphic printout
- Statistics of data loggings for Excel exports (*.xlsx)

- Solved:
* Negative AC current in MiniCoup data loggings
* Missing decimal separator for Excel exports
* Incorrect translations
* Incorrect display of the moving average values of 1ms data loggings after "File Open"


Build 065 (January 2014)

- Constants with 0.1 µV resolution
- Gradients for DCVG / CIPS measurement with 0.1 mV resolution
- Optimized marking of x-axis for 1ms samplings

- Solved:
* Possible crash after input of comments
* Excel export partially blocked under Win XP and earlier Office versions
* Bad formated mV value for 1-channel MiniLog 128/512 files
* Y axis doesn't show optimal scale after data transfer and file opening
* Duplicate query when saving DCVG / CIPS measurements
* Progress bar not visible during data transfer
* .log, .asc and .wl2 files in foreign format lead to a crash
* DCVG / CIPS distances when calculated in Yard show useless decimals


Build 064 (October 2013)

- Solved:
* Firmware update not possible for MiniLog2 from V1.012 to V1.018 or higher
* Wrong time format in graphic screen for Latin and South America


Build 063 (September 2013)

*** New firmware V1.019 for MiniLog2

- The GPS receiver Trimble GeoXH 6000 (with down to 10cm accuracy)
can be used with MiniLog2 with a special cable adapter.
Only coordinates storing is possible, but no GPS synchronisation.

- Switching times > 1 min programmable
With the menu (SWITCH -> CYCLE: "CYCLE PRO")
ON and OFF times up to 60min can be selected in 1min steps.

- Invert switching programmable
With the menu (SWITCH -> CYCLE: "CYCLE PRO") and after
confirming the ON and OFF cycle the user can select
the relay to work inverted.
This assures the compatibility with switchers starting with the ON
and not with the OFF time on second 0.

- Sleep times programmable
With the menu (SWITCH -> SLEEP: "YES")
the start and end time of the sleeping period can be setup.

- "OVER" warning during CIPS/DCVG measurement
for potentials more negativ than -9.0V and more positiv than +1.5V and
for gradients more negativ than -3.0V and more positiv than +3.0V.

- CIPS potential measurement with filters down to 0.4s OFF cycle.
Shorter cycles than 0.4s allow gradients to be measured only.

- Solved: Wrong display of charging current
when reading the identification with WinLog 2.0

- Data logging and DCVG files contain the WinLog 2.0 build version of the data transfer

- DCVG files have a unified number of digits

- Google Maps files are only saved when the DCVG measurement contains GPS coordinates

- Solved:
* Text of labels corrected when comparing files (translation)
* Precise error handling when exporting to Excel
* Overshoot for data loggings with 100ms sampling
* Rare error (message: "Unexpected end of line. Datatransfer stopped.") corrected
when reading the data logging
* Rare crashes when right Y-axis is enabled (printout)


Build 062 (July 2013)

- New menue item "Change Sampling rate"
In preparation for the comparison of data loggings this new menu item allows adapting
of the sampling rate for a data logging (not for 1ms and not for coupon data loggings)

- New menue item "Compare"
Allows the comparision of two data loggings with maximum of 2x DC and 2x AC
(not for 1ms and not for coupon data loggings)

- Copy / paste of text in the table with keyboard

- Improved naming for the creation of DCVG files (eg. DCVG(1-3).imd, DCVG(2-3).imd, etc.)

- Optimized checking if internet is available for updates/Google Maps

- Solved:
* Wrong display of standard deviation for negative factors
* Wrong display of "Over" for 1ms data loggings in combination with filters and factors/offsets


Build 061 (May 2013)

- "CSV" format for Excel export of data loggings selectable

- "CSV" format for Excel export of DCVG measurements

- Solved:
* Limit value in the printout with missing digits
* Crash with incomplete data logging files
* Crash during Excel export


Build 060 (May 2013)

- Faster drawing of the printout

- Statistic on screen shows a tooltip with date/time of minima and maxima
and mouse click sets the cursor in graphic and table accordingly

- When exporting DCVG measurement to Google Maps,
the limit value and the file name are stored beside the data

- When exporting DCVG measurements to Excel,
the limit value is stored beside the data and values out of limit are marked in red

- Automatic creation of *.csv files for the Excel export,
if no installed Excel is found

- Zoom of the X-axis is performed in the middle, not as previously at the beginning

- Solved:
* Wrong "Over" warning for measurements with MiniLog 128/512
* Problems when opening old data logging files with manual GPS coordinates missing
* Incorrect calculation of the standard deviation


Build 059 (March 2013)

- Solved:
* New Google Maps connection in print menu (former version was deactivated by Google)


Build 058 (January 2013)

*** New firmware V1.018 for MiniLog2

- 7 times faster USB transfer of samplings (old version 5:20 min new only 0:50 min)

- Error at "Coupon" samplings of V1.017 solved
* After 1.5h (=64 kbyte) wrong measurements were stored, because the FLASH memory
was not cleared correctly

- Correct saving of battery level when sampling "1ms" and "Coupon"

- Faster drawing of graphics on the screen

- Exceeded measuring ranges are marked as "Over" in sreen and Excel tables

- Solved:
* Endtime was sometimes handled incorrect during printing
* Google Maps disabling when printing has been incorrectly stored in the file


Build 057 (December 2012)

- Solved:
* Error while saving AC1 measurements from MiniLog 128/512
* Wrong selection of GPS coordinates in print preview
* Problems with moving average for 1ms samplings


Build 056 (December 2012)

*** New firmware V1.017 for MiniLog2

- Sampling with GPS coordinates
* If a GPS antenna is connected, the GPS coordinates
are automatically stored beside every minute (only for sampling rate 100ms, 500ms, 1s and 2s).
Later with the WinLog 2.0 print out a Google Maps picture can be added
showing the location in regards to the sampling time.
By this, locations and its corresponding sampling values are easily assigned together,
even if many successive samplings without stopping the MiniLog2 logging have been made.

- Improved DCVG and CIPS measurement
* Better AC damping, especially for 16,6 Hz
* For shorter off cycles (< 0.5s) the measurement length is reduced down to 100ms minimum,
for better results under stray current
* Improved and more stable gradient measurement by switching to microvolt resolution if below 100 mV
* Display and keyboard light stays on for night measurements (05pm till 08am)

- Solved:
* Problems with the GPS leap second
* Programming of end time for 1ms samplings
* 30 min duration for 1ms samplings also for MiniLog2 with serial < 120

- Handling of GPS coordinates during a sampling

- Calculation of the moving average for 1ms samplings

- Off-Mean value calculation extended to enter an endtime manually

- 1ms samplings can be programmed with an active alarm end time

- Y-axis in graphic extended with 10, 20 and 50µV scope (limited scrolling)

- Limit values of potential measurements for DCVG changed

- Solved:
* Language settings for Excel export of DCVG measurements
* AC/DC recognition for old *.log files
* DCVG chainage of large differences between waypoints
* Error in detection of right Y-axxis (active/not active)
* Wrong settings of filters of 1ms sampling files


Build 055

- not delivered test version


Build 054 (September 2012)

- New language added: Polish

- optimized format of statistics in printout

- Solved
* Problems during saving the print settings
* Google Maps view with wrong language
* Problems with "Erase Section"
* Flickering of cursor values
* High CPU usage when moving the cursor


Build 053 (August 2012)

*** New firmware V1.016 for MiniLog2

- GPS leap (introduced on 1st of July 2012) is properly recognized

- Recording mode with alarm also for 1ms and Coupon added

- Recording mode with end date/time enabled

- Solved:
* partly unintended open contact for mechanical relay,
if night saving (SLEEP) was activated

- Software filters for 1ms samplings
With three buttons (16.6Hz, 50Hz and 100Hz) frequencies can be eliminated later.

- "Save As" dialog for Windows XP optimized

- End time for programmed samplings added
When programming a sampling an end time can be set in addition to the start time.

* Crash when calling the print menu after reading of MiniLog 128/512 samplings
* Problems when printing the moving average
* Crash "Memory overflow" when opening a file
* Factor and offset are correctly taken into account for overrange situations
* Problems with faulty Google Maps representation with foreign operating systems


Build 052 (July 2012)

- Not official released


Build 051 (May 2012)

*** New firmware V1.015 for MiniLog2

- Recording Mode with channel selection and alarm time activated

- Multimeter and data logging with LogPlot 2.0 (Build 010)
for presenting the actual values directly on PC screen

- Displayed channels can be changed during the data logging
with the button "Arrow Up"

- Improved calculating of battery capacity,
especially during long periods with no charging

- "SAMP" LCD symbol only flashes for data logging,
but no longer for multimeter

- Solved:
* sometimes too high power consumption after GPS reception
and after disconnecting from PC
* sometimes no GPS synchronization with Garmin antennas possible
* flashing DCVG values when working with fast switching times

- Menu "Programming" -> "MiniLog2" -> "Recording Mode" activated
(e.g. to deactivate channels or set an alarm time)

- DCVG measurements (*.imd) will be exported to MS Excel when Google Maps upload is selected
(Menu "Extras" -> "Options" -> "Automatic export to Excel")

- Overvoltages are marked in red in the values table

- More values selectable for the gradients error threshold
(Menu "Extras" -> "Options" -> "Defect threshold gradients difference")

- Statistics in printout are activated by default
(Menu "File" -> "Pageview" -> "Statistics" -> "Statistics" selected)

- Solved:
* Errors in statistics for Off-Mean value in printout
* Partly missing date values in printout
* Lost print settings when saving/loading a file
* Problems with black/white pdf printout


Build 050 (April 2012)

- New licence information for update service added


Build 049 (March 2012)

*** New firmware V1.014 for MiniLog2

- Internal flash is now protected against random erases forced by low battery
With a low battery the internal calibration of the MiniLog could be erased,
this leads to continously wrong measurements because of lost calibration data.

- 5 ms time delay added for coupon measurement

- After a warmstart, most important settings are left unchanged

- The PC Symbol flashes correctly with a USB connection

-Timeline in graphic extended, 3 and 4 days are selectable

-Standard deviation for "Off-Mean value" is calculated and shown in graphics and printout

-In a printout with "Off-mean value" the changed statistic is named

-Adjustment for the bootloader for the new firmware V.1014

-The sampling rate is shown in the printout

-Reference for the expiration of the update service with a message and display of the date of expiration

-Solved: *errors in the naming of the right Y-axis
*false message to save the file due to changes in the print dialog which wasn't changed
*wrong message for Excel-Export


Build 048 -Threshold statistic in printout
The percentage of below and above threshold for each channel is printed

-Off-Mean value selectable period 24h added

-Solved: -Excel- and Google Maps-Export of GPS coordinates (only English Windows)
-optimized handling of file extension (*.WL2)
-errors in print routine
-translations added


Build 047 -New MiniLog2 firmware 1.013:

- 1ms sampling rate enabled.
1 kHz single channel sampling for 30 minutes maximum.
Note: No display of values during sampling possible,
as the sampling takes all the available processing power.

- Coupon measurement with 1s enabled.
Allows measuring of ON- and OFF-Potential,
and DC and AC current for every second.
Measurement can be done with "MiniCoup" adapter,
or with an external shunt wiring.
Preset of the measuring time after the switching available
via key (PROG) for 10ms, 20ms, 50ms, 100ms oder 200ms.
Display shows potential (On/Off) or current (DC/AC),
this is changeable during sampling by key arrow "UP".

- (DCVG) measurements without connected GPS antenna possible.
Choose with key (MODE) "GPS On/Off" before (START).

- (DCVG) during night hours with automatic activation
of keyboard and display illumination.

- During data logging illumination of display and keyboard
via key press possible.

- After warm start the (LOGGER) settings are no longer destroyed.

- Night- and weekend savings (SLEEP) during active sampling corrected.

- Display can be switched off with key (STOP),
activation of the display by simple key press.

- Communication problems even with PC-Symbol corrected

-User defined limit line is not printed when value is zero

-Samplings with 1ms activated

-Excel-Export (Office 2007,2010) for samplings with 1ms is limited to 1 million values

-Coupon sampling activated

-Solved: -Problems with comments containing ";"
-Problems with y-axis in printdialog
-Errors with positions for Google Maps

Build 046 - DCVG without GPS gets index as meter
IMD-files contain the date of first value taken
Solved: -possible problems with distance calculation in *.kml files
-problems with showing the units
-problems with the printout with Adobe PDF
-problems with the logo
-problems with printimng of "Off-Mean value"
-Format of AC-values in the table corrected

Build 045 - New firmware 1.012 for MiniLog2 to solve update problems in 1.011
Color definition in *.WL2 files are supported
Activated "Off-Mean-Values" can be printout via "Print chart from screen"

Build 044 - Bugfix

Build 043 - User defined limit line in graphic printout
New firmware 1.011 for MiniLog2 to solve keyboard problems
Solved: -possible crashes when using moving average
-problems with logo in quick print

Build 042 - New Y-Axis assignment of the channels in printout
For more than two channels and an active right y-axis
the DC channels are assigned to the left side and the AC channels to the right
Support for MiniCoup
Correction of the min/max lines in the printout
Changed formats in statistics
DCVG: -support for Omnistar GPS antennas
-reading of DCVG samplings with broken MiniLog2 identification possible

Build 041 - Solved: -Communicationproblem during reading of Identification from MiniLog2
-Error in GPS-coordinates in Asia
Improved accuracy/rounding when printing right y-axis
Improved visualisation of marks (min, max, median) in printout

Build 040 - Solved: -Error from Build 039: Programming the Identification is accessible again

Build 039 - Mousezoom optimized
Rework: -Communication with MiniLog2

Build 038 - Add new language: Romanian
Solved: -possible wrong showing of memory use of samplings
-problems reading MiniTrans datalogging

Build 037 - Solved: -use of markers in table for "Erase section"
-problems Google Maps export
-problems reading DCVG
-problems reading *.log files

Build 036 - New firmware V1.009 for MiniLog2
- External button for the "FeatureConnector"
simulates "OK" button press for DCVG
- Fixed some minor errors
Changed defect threshold evaluation
Context menu (right mousebutton) added for "Erase marker" and zoom out functions

Build 035 - Set minimum size for mousezoom
Edit: -Google Maps support for printout
Solved: -Errormessage when printing after reading of MiniLog

Build 034 - Solved:-Error message when starting print setup
-"Save as" dialog error
-Excel-Export problems on foreign operating systems

Build 033 - Reading DCVG from a MiniLog2 or IMD-files creates in addition Excel-files
DCVG Excel export can be disabled
Automatic upload of DCVG to Google Maps can be disabled
Correctoin of GPS reading
Solved: -Phantom lines in graphic
-Offset and factor reading of old *.log files
-statistic settings

Build 032 - Programming the MiniLog 128/512 recording settings corrected for AC/AC and sampling rate
Printpreview optimized for samplings > 7 days
Zoom for X-Axis is up to 10ms
Samplingrates with less 100ms are evaluable
120dpi scale for monitorfonts shows right proportion
Samplings from start / to end can be deleted

Build 031 - Sometimes the progressbar is not shown when reading MiniLog 128/512 samplings, error is fixed

Build 030 - New firmware V1.007 for MiniLog2
- Protection against deep discharge during sampling
- 4 times higher resolution for Range 'Lo'
- optimized communication with WinLog 2.0
Automatic check for firmware update for MiniLog2
Detection of missing printer installation
Check for compatibility between MiniLog2 firmware <=> WinLog 2.0 Build version
Display state of charge at the end of a sampling
Marking when battery was deep discharged during sampling

Build 029 - QM-Data reformatted
Print - statistic values are rounded more exactly
- Date and timeformat changed

Build 028 - Excel-Export in Toolbar activated
Fileformat changed to manage deaktivated channels
Dateformat changed i file
Printsettings changed (Time and right Y-Axis)
Error in median for right Y-axis solved
Identification reading error MiniLog2 fixed

Build 027 - Bugfix

Build 026 - Correction for creating PDF-documents
Error reading WinLog 1.3 files fixed

Build 025 - Changes/Bugfix in printmenu
Bugfix for saving files

Build 024 - Corrected dataformat for CIPS/Gradient measurement

Build 023 - Setup changed - Userfolder won't be created
Printerrors solved (Time and Y-axis loading from file)

Build 022 - Updatecheck errors solved
Region settings optimized

Build 021 - New driver for MiniLog2

Build 020 - Upload of KML and download of updates via http
Format of statisticvalues same as grid
Surveilance monitor for MiniLog2 USB communication

Build 019 - MiniLog2 reading of dataloggings aktivated
Userinterfaces optimized
Off-Mean Value-Function activated
Format of values changed
Bugfixes in printmenu

Build 018 - Update improved

Build 017 - DCVG-Measuring optimizied
direct upload to Google Maps
Upload of *.imd- und *.kml-files
clock, battery und identification read and write for MiniLog2
check for updates for WinLog2 at programstart
Update for MiniLog2 Firmware optimizied
bugfix in *.WL2 timeformat

Build 015 - New fileformat *.WL2

Build 011 - Implementation of loading DCVG measurements from ML2
creating *.kml-files for GoogleMaps/Earth

Build 010 - Printpreview changes
Commandelements changed

Build 009 - Bugfixes

Build 008 - Acceleration of printprocess

Build 007 - Check for Updates
Bugfixes(Mauszoom, Printdialog)

Build 006 - MiniLog2 Connection

Build 005 - Check for Updates

Build 004 - New setup

Build 003 - Bugfixes

Build 002 - Bugfixes

Build 001 - First release

09.12.20224.583 MB



Brochure MoData2_en
Technical Data of MoData2
English Version
20.06.20180.419 MB
fex21_enConfiguration for fex21 (english + monochrom)
Unzip and copy .exe to your MoData2 CF-card
20.06.20180.234 MB
fex21_color_enConfiguration for fex21 (english + color)
Unzip and copy .exe to your MoData2 CF-card
20.06.20180.065 MB
Intmobil_30Installation file "Intmobil_30.cab" for MoData2
Unzip and copy .cab to your MoData2 CF-Card
Build 058

History IntMobil 3.0
058: - Correction for leap second valid since 01/01/2017
[Jan 2017]

057: - Improved handling for license
[Sep 2016]

056: - Added switching cycle 50/10 (customer specific only)

055: - Adaption for high accurate GPS devices
- Correction for leap second valid since 07/01/2015
[Sept 2015]

054: - Improved handling of the GPS leap second
[Nov 2012]

053: - again uinentended storing corrected
- Added switching cycle 15/5, with measuring the off at second 4
[Jan 2012]

052: - Problems with unintended storing inbetween solved
[Nov 2011]

051: - Added switching cycle 5/5, with measuring the off at second 4
[Oct 2011]

050: - Added switching cycle 10/5, with measuring the off at second 4
[Sep 2011]

049: - Discharge procedure for production tests only added
[August 2010]

048: - Added support for english fex21 for german clients
- Autorange added for channel A for high AC influenc
[Apr 2010]

047: - Error while measuring gradients with relay methode corrected
Gradients where just shown, not stored
[Feb 2010]

046: - Migration of the GPS syncronization to Garmin G18 GPS antenna
Old style Holux GPS antennas are no longer supported for GPS syncronization
due to wrong behavior after the 2009 leap second insertion.
Holux GPS antennas are still usable for storing GPS positioning

045: - Data format for IFO-measurement corrected

- Touchscreen now deactivable via menu "Extras" -> "Touchscreen activ"
This feature helps when measuring in rainy weather to prevent the touchscreen beeing interfered by water.
Back to an active touchscreen is only possible via menu "File" -> "Exit" or a warmstart.

044: - The new relay cable allows external syncronization of switchers via the MoData2 real time clock
For that, simply choose the menu "Sync" -> "Manual". Don't try to syncronize via the sync button, instead
the MoData2 will switch automatically the relay cable accordingly to the internal syncronization.

043: - Menu "Extras" new arranged
- Hanging during automatic saving files procedure corrected
- Menu "Extras" -> "Firmware Upload" recognizes MoData2 hardware type

042: - Wrong behavior of the "GPS ON"-Button corrected
- Weird measurements corrected after switching back and forth from multimeter during an intensive survey

041: - New routines for Holux 213 GPS antenna
- New start-up routines for MoData2

040: - GPS syncronization stores the last used antenna (Holux 210 or Holux 213) for
better recognizing the leap time second
- Error after pressing key for marking of empty measurings corrected

039: - GPS-Syncronization with recognizing the leap time second
(for GPS-antennas "Holux210" and "Holux213")

038: - Further hanging up situations cleared

037: - Further hanging up situations cleared
- First modifications for the color version of the fex21

036: - GPS-Synchronisierung with at least 3 Satellites possible
- Still having problems with the leap second introduced on the 31.12.2005.
For accurate correction of the leap second, max. 12 minutes continuous GPS signal
is needed. The firmware of the GPS antenna doesn't handle the leap second always correctly.
Afer a few hours of unpowered GPS antenna, again up to 12 minutes of continuos GPS signal
is needd, for correcting the leap second.
We're still working on this GPS synchronisation problem.
- A few hanging up situation corrected

035: - Not distributed

034: - GPS-Syncronization enhanced, but at least 4 satellites needed for syncronization
- Problems with loosing comments in build 033 corrected

033: - Storing of GPS coordinates during measurement activated by button

032: - GPS-Antenna access inmproved
- Error in battery capacity calculation during GPS usage corrected

031: - Changed look of synchronizing dialogue
- Manual measuring input during the measurement enabled,
i.e the base measurement for the addition methode
- Various problems with hanging fex21 corrected

030: - Menue "Extra" -> "Options" allows to set timestamps in comments

029: - Corrected a minor problem of 028, causing small delays during measuring

028: - Problems solved which occured during restart attempt after software exit
- Added faster switching times for some foreign clients
- Slower file storing rhythm after 50 measurements to shorten delays during measurements

027: - Smaller errors corrected

026: - Maximum of measuring points raised to approx. 2000

025: - Correctly measuring gradients up to +/-3200 mV

024: - Corrected problems when closing IntMobil and trying to restart the software

023: - GPS-Coordinates are stored as text comment after use of menue "Sync"->"GPS"

022: - Dialogue "Manual Input" corrected
- -Key corrected
- English translation of the Multimeter

021: - Error corrected when storing files for some licence names
- Correction of small software errors

020: - Methode "3-Electrodes" activated
- Switching Cycle 8/2 activated
- Correction of small software errors

019: - Software problems for methode "Addition" solved

018: - English translation completed
Software switches automatically to the english version if the
windows system folder "\Program Files" is existent
- IntMobil remembers last used methode

10.09.20211.301 MB
Namobil_30Installation file "Namobil_30.cab" for MoData2
Unzip and copy .cab to your MoData2 CF-Card
Build 035

History NaMobil 3.0
035: - Correction for leap second valid since 01/01/2017
[Jan 2017]

034: - Improved handling for license
[Sep 2016]

033: - Correction for leap second valid since 07/01/2015
[Jul 2015]

032: - Improved handling of the GPS leap second
[Nov 2012]

031: - Button "Change" adapted for German users with English keyboard

030: - Delivering only fex21 with english language, even for german speaking clients
[Apr 2010]

029: - Migration of the GPS syncronization to Garmin G18 GPS antenna
Old style Holux GPS antennas are no longer supported for GPS syncronization
due to wrong behavior after the 2009 leap second insertion.
Holux GPS antennas are still usable for storing GPS positioning

028: - Wrong displayed current values (factor 10) for 30A measurement corrected

027: - Current resolution for currents < 1mA extended
- Usage of ";" in comment and site text prevented,
causes problems with reading *.nmd files otherwise

026 - Measuring of microvolts now selectable with median values
- New filemenu shows recently 4 (previous showed only 1) used files
- Text inputs for test points expanded up to 30 characters
- Hanging during automatic saving files procedure corrected
- Menu "Extras" -> "Firmware Upload" recognizes MoData2 hardware type

025: - New routines for Holux 213 GPS antenna
- New start-up routines for MoData2

024: - Last used numer of poles (2 or 4) for resistance measurement
will be the default for the next start of NaMobil
- GPS syncronization stores the last used antenna (Holux 210 or Holux 213) for
better recognizing the leap time second

023: - GPS-Syncronization with recognizing the leap time second
(for GPS-antennas "Holux210" and "Holux213")

022: - Wrong storing of pipe resistance values when having no fractional value part corrected

021: - Simultaneously measuring of potential (channel 1) and voltage (channel 2) during potential measurement activated.
Gives the opportunity to measure pipe potential and casing voltage in one step.
Casing voltage is only recognized and measured when voltage on channel 2 is greater then +/- 100 mV.
- Deactivated file savings during switching between test points.
- Further hanging up situations cleared

020: - Further hanging up situations cleared
- First modifications for the color version of the fex21
- Faster resistance measurement

019: - GPS-Synchronisierung with at least 3 Satellites possible
- Still having problems with the leap second introduced on the 31.12.2005.
For accurate correction of the leap second, max. 12 minutes continuous GPS signal
is needed. The firmware of the GPS antenna doesn't handle the leap second always correctly.
Afer a few hours of unpowered GPS antenna, again up to 12 minutes of continuos GPS signal
is needd, for correcting the leap second.
We're still working on this GPS synchronisation problem.
- A few hanging up situation corrected

10.09.20211.317 MB
intmess_enIntMess files
for update- and demoinstallation
29.11.20180.621 MB



Manual WinTrans10_en
WinTrans 1.0
English Version
20.06.20180.374 MB

Manual WinTrans10_ru
WinTrans 1.0
Russian Version
20.06.20180.562 MB
tdbg6Please replace your existing tdbg6.* files in your windows system folder with the files found in the tdbg6.zip package.20.06.20180.390 MB
wt10win7dllMoData2 ActiveSync
Essential files for Win7.
20.06.20180.080 MB
WinTrans 1.0 Build 194
MTPara 1.0 Build 101

KonsFak files 0001 - 15540

History MTPara
101 - New color scheme available with button "Options"

100 - Night- and Weekend savings available
- Warning when trying to upload outdated firmware
- Solved: Wrong battery reset for GPS syncronized MiniTrans

History WinTrans
192 - Solved: runtime error when reading SMS, error caused by a new Windows Update

191 - Improved routines for data logging transfer and firmware updates

190 - Solved: Errors when exporting/importing sections into *.wtd files,
Sensors with MiniControl (A+B) connected have not been exported properly

189 - Important update to install for year 2011
Build 0188 will not start after 01/01/2011

188 - Correct display of sensor numbers

24.08.20224.465 MB



Brochure Minitakt_en
Brochure Minitakt
English Version
20.06.20180.227 MB



18.09.20202.145 MB



Brochure Microvoltmeter_en
Brochure Microvoltmeter
English Version
20.06.20180.371 MB



Brochure FMG 100_en
Brochure FMG 100
English Version
20.06.20180.217 MB

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