New leap second since 01 January, 2017

MiniLog2: Learning a new leap second

Every 1.5 to 3 years a new leap second is introduced on 1st January or 1st July to compensate the different rotational speeds of the earth.

Time synchronous measuring systems based on GPS time have to learn the new introduced leap second. Otherwise, the measuring systems measures/switches one second too early.

Recommended procedure:
1. Connect the Garmin GPS antenna to the MiniLog2
2. Start the DCVG mode (press DCVG -> START -> OK)
3. Keep the MiniLog2 running at least 15 minutes with good GPS reception. During this time the Garmin GPS antenna receives the actual leap second.
4. Quit the DCVG mode (press STOP)
5. Start a GPS synchronization (press SWITCH -> SYNC (GPS) -> OK)
6. Wait for a successful GPS synchronization (green LED flashes short but regularly). MiniLog2 learned the leap second from the Garmin GPS antenna.

Each new MiniLog2 firmware which appears after the introduction of a leap second will teach the MiniLog2 the new leap second without the above described procedure.


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