Technical Data MiniTransPlus

Description:Remote Monitoring and Controlling
for CP Measurements in Rectifiers and Test Posts,
Graphic TFT Touch Display, UMTS, GPRS, GPS, DCF, RS232, Bluetooth, galvanic isolated USB and Ethernet (optional)
Channels:2x DC + 2x AC common ground
1x DC Mic + 1x AC Mic common ground
1x DC + 1x AC isolated
Self calibration with a special build-in 0.1% accuracy reference cell
assures continuous proper measurement quality
Range, Resolution and Impedance:± 10 mV / 0.1 µV 200 KΩ (DC + AC)
± 100 mV / 1.0 µV 200 KΩ (DC + AC)
± 100 V / 0.1 mV 10 MΩ (DC + AC)
Sampling Rates (Normal Mode = German GW16):Up to 4 complete single On and Off measurements / day
or every 5, 10, 30, 60 or 120 min an On and Off measurement
Sampling Rates (Data Logging with Min, Max and Median):1 channel 1000/s (= 1 KHz)
1-4 channels 10/s, 2/s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1min, 5min
Low Pass Filters:16 Hz > 60 dB = Factor 1,000
50 Hz > 100 dB = Factor 100,000
Internal Ring Buffer:16 MByte = 5,500,000 values = 64 days with 1s and 1 channel
SD Card Ring buffer:128 MByte = 44,000,000 values = 170 days with 1s and 3 channel
Input and Output Contacts:One galvanic isolated input and output each (i.e. door contact)
Synchronisation:Build in GPS receiver and DCF receiver
Synchronisation mode depends if GPS or DCF antenna is connected
Time Deviation:± 5ms / 24h with GPS,
± 20ms / 24h with DCF
± 40ms / 24h without GPS/DCF
Remotely Controlled Switching Cycles:In 0.1s steps, user configurable (i.e. 0.8s / 0.2s)
with selectable night sleep modus
Switching Power:Build in electronic relay with 30 A 70 VAC / 100 VDC
Coupon measurement:E-On, E-Off, I-DC, I-AC switched via build in coupon relay
Delay time remotely selectable from 1ms to 200ms after switching
Rectifier control and regulation via PWM (patent pending):Pulse Wide Modulation with internal 30A or external 100A relay
Allows standard rectifiers to be remotely regulated (voltage / current)
Battery and Life time with Internal Battery at Test Points:3,6V, 19Ah 5 years with 4 samplings / day and 60s logging
2 years with continuous 1s logging
Life time easily to be doubled with a second but small external battery
External Power Supply / Solar Test PointWall plug transformer, 4V / 3A or solar test post (Type: Kettner)
Housing, Dimension and Weight:IP67 for SIM Card and Measurement,
300 x 70 x 28 mm
530 g

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