Datalogger, GPS Interrupter, DCVG and CIPS survey

The new MiniLog2 is a waterproofed universal measuring instrument with LCD and keyboard designed for CP measurement tasks. Used in data logger mode, the MiniLog2 samples for both channels DC and AC simultaneously. In interrupter mode, the built-in relay swiches fully GPS synchronized for interrupting not only rectifiers, but coupons for IR-free potentials. Finally with survey mode, the MiniLog2 is able to make DCVG and CIPS surveys while storing the GPS position for every measuring point taken.

Zwei Messkanäle
Zwei Messkanäle

Data Logger with Microvolt Measurement

Two channel sampling, each with DC and AC measurement, resulting in 4 values simultaneous measured per sample. 
Both DC channels got microvolt resolution and have active filters built-in to prevent low AC frequency interference. The MiniLog2 is able to sample up to 1 300 000 values. This results in up to 30 min. sampling time even when measuring in „high-speed mode“ (= 1000 measurements / second). The built-in USB connector allows galvanically isolated data transfer and charging via USB.

GPS Synchronisation and GPS Position

The optional Garmin GPS receiver allows synchronisation of the MiniLog2 time and date. Using the MiniLog2 as data logger in DCVG survey mode, the GPS positions are automatically stored beside each value.

Miniaturized GPS Interrupter with Rechargeable Battery

The MiniLog2 has a mechanical 15A / 60V relay built-in for switching of rectifiers, flanges and coupons. Optionally a version with built-in electronic relay 30A / 60V is available. Via the keyboard and the LCD a switching cycle resolution of 0.1s is configurable by the user. In addition, night and weekend savings are selectable. 
The rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows GPS synchronised switching for 30 days without recharging. For fixed installations in rectifier housings an USB mains supply and fix mount can be used. To increase the switching power even more, miniaturized external slave relays for MiniLog2 are available with 50 Amps and 100 Amps.

DCVG and CIPS survey with Google® Maps presentation

Like with an analogue multimeter, MiniLog2 shows the DCVG voltage difference in a bar graph for quick recognition.With a simple press of the „OK“-button mounted on the electrode, the DCVG value and the related GPS position are stored and the survey continues. 
In the same way potential (CIPS) and/or voltage gradient measurements can be done. 
The survey path and the defects can be directly presented graphically with Google Maps and the WinLog 2.0 software.

Coupon Measurement with MiniCoup

For measuring IR-free potentials on a coupon, MiniLog2 can sample and interrupt simultaneously. For accurate sampling of the complete off depolarisation curve, MiniLog2 is able to measure 1000 samples/s for one channel for up to 30 min time. 
Optionally with the „MiniCoup“ adapter and its built-in 10 Ohm shunt, the MiniLog2 samples every second for up to 24h. By just connecting pipe, electrode and coupon with the adapter sockets, On and Off potential and DC and AC current are collected simultaneously.


Data Logger, GPS Interrupter and DCVG Survey incl. USB cable, 110 / 230 V charger and 12 / 24 V USB charger.
Item-No. 130 111 (mechanical relay) 
Item-No. 130 121 (electronic relay)

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